San Vigilio in the Dolomites
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Location of our agritourism in San Vigilio, the cradle of Ladin culture

San Vigilio, in Ladin Al Plan, is situated at round 1,201 m, surrounded by mountains and lush coniferous forests. The historic centre of the village as well as the surroundings offer a variety of sites worth seeing in every season of the year!

In San Vigilio you find a rare natural monument
... a linden on the church square, witness of ancient times...

Sightseeing in the surroundings

The parish church and the old limetree…witness of past times and natural monument
The parish church in the centre of the village is one of the places you don’t want to miss. The Baroque church with its Gothic bell tower dates back to 1798.
A very interesting nature monument is to be found right next to the church. The old limetree is a real witness of past times. Under its branches family patriarchs used to gather to judge delinquents or wrongdoings. Today the tree is a protected natural monument.

The farm houses
Whereas the majority of the farms in San Vigilio evolved to modern buildings, there is a bunch of farms in hidden corners of the village which are a reminiscence of another epoch. The farms of  Plazores and Taibun date back to the middle of the past millennium and are the oldest buildings of this area.


forests and pastures


the countryside


winter magic

culture and religion

Neighbourg La Plì/Pfarre

A couple of kilometers away from San Vigilio we find the small village of La Plì/Pfarre. Life here flows at a slower pace and is really quiet beeing the village away from the main transit routes.

Pfarre is the cradle of Ladin culture since the first church of the whole valley was built here.
Still nowadays people here live mostly from agriculture. The folk is really tied to his traditions and try to uphold them. This is also the case of the traditional homesteads which made possible to preserve these ancient Raetic forms of settlements, the so called „Viles“.

The Viles are groups of homesteads made up of houses, which are very typical for the valleys of the Dolomites.  Very typical is their architecture with houses made up of wood and stone. with Charakteristisch ist die Architektur mit den Häusern aus Mauerwerk und aus Holz. The tourist association of San Vigilio organises weekly tours to these gems of Ladin culture.