Our organic agritourism in South Tyrol
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Holidays in our organic agritourism in South Tyrol

Ciasa Pinei is not only an apartment house, but at the same time a real South Tyrolean farm, where you can enjoy an agritourism holiday. The proud red rooster painting on the house wall testifies to it: it is the official logo of this type of accommodation in our region. We are also proud of the Bioland certification that attests the biological and sustainable cultivation of our products.

Agritourism means that nature plays a major role during the whole vacation. If you are looking for a full immersion in nature and desire to take an in-depth look into the farm life, then you are in the right place at Ciasa Pinei. Our biological agritourism amidst nature and our animals are a true experience for big and small guests!

In our biological farm we produce only A2 milk!
The common milk is not tolerated by many people. A2 milk is a valid alternative of other substitutes such as soya, rice and almond milk. A2 milk is a natural unskimmed unaltered milk that is easier for people with milk intolerance to digest in comparison to the common A1 milk available in the supermarkets. This type of milk is produced only by cows presenting the pure genotype A2A2 in their milk proteins.

Thank you nature!

Our animals, barbecue with panoramic view and lots of fun for all children!

Right close to the house there is a farm building and a stable where our lovely cows live. If you have never seen a goat milking just join Engelbert and Daniel when they do it. There you can also take a look at our calves and ponies as well as yeanlings and rabbits. Your kids are going to love them. Also you can relax on our beautiful meadow around the house which is also a big place for children to play.

Pony riding

To unwind

To pet our animals

Grill parties

Working in the stable

Get a farmer for a couple of days

The big meadows and pastures around the house must be constantly mowed and fostered. This job is very hard and though important for the survival of the farm. The whole family takes part in this work gaining a sense of satisfaction and wellbeeing out it. Would you like to help? Or turn yourself into a farmer for a couple of days? This ist the real holiday farm! This is Ciasa Pinei!

Our cows are special!

The horn of a cow is a heavily perfused, life-long growing organ. It is linked to the digestive system, important for body care, and serves to communicate among other cows. Cows and goats wear their horns with pride and mindfulness. They clarify, for example the hierarchy at a distance, by showing each other their horns.

Nowadays almost all calves are dehorned just a few weeks after their birth or are born without horns due to modern breeding. Why? Because horns are not suitable for a farming based on the maximal income with the smallest possible surface. The guidelines of the most ancient bio association prohibit dehorning animals and breeding dehorned animals. We therefore do not dehorn our cows in order to let them their dignity. We really value the respect of any animal! We do not want to adapt our animals to the “requirements of modern production”, we simply build stables that are big enough for our cows.. and their horns!

At the same time we respect and support the relationship between calves and their mothers. We therefore do not separate forcibly calves from their mothers a few days after their birth to nurse them with milk buckets. Actually it is well known: calves grow better near their mothers! Indeed if they stay near the cow, they have less healthy problems and grow up better.

However this kind of species-appropriate breeding is possible only if consumers buy milk and meat of organic farms as ours.